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A New Jurassic Fight Club! (Chime in if you're game)

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A New Jurassic Fight Club! (Chime in if you're game) Empty A New Jurassic Fight Club! (Chime in if you're game)

Post  Ceratosaur King Sun Jun 29, 2014 12:52 am

Ok guys, I read through some of the other threads created for this topic. I figured we'd do it over but with a twist. So I want to list the rules if you are going to join up and play.

-All posts must be directly related to the RPG. If you want to join in just post "CHIME:"
after the : put the full name of the Dinosaur you are.
-Posts must be 1 paragraph (at least 5 sentences for detail and to keep it really interesting). But also please do not exceed 7 sentences.
- Please be civil and Polite to each other
- No God modding (You are not immortal and within reason just accept your fate lol)
- No auto hitting (You can make a move but it will be the defending player that decides IF your attacks will connect and in detail will describe the damage that it has done).

SO LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Since I noticed a bunch of other Ceratosaur fans I will play the roll of a close second.

CHIME: Carnotaurus

On a very hot, humid, musty day in a densely tree infested forest loud roars can be heard above the trees. The ground trembles and the roars of something ominous approaches through a large opening in the thick, dense forest. A large male Carnotaurus has found the carcass of a badly decomposing Diplodocus. Upon inspecting the food the Large male decides the carcass is edible and lets out a series of low pitched growls. 2 more Carnotaurus' emerge from the woods. These were slightly smaller Carnotarus', they are the males mates and it will soon be mating season. The trio then begins to feed on the carcass crunching through flesh, muscle, and even bone with ease.

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