Poison Raptor skin

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Poison Raptor skin

Post  CyndertheDragonDinoGirl on Sun Mar 09, 2014 7:22 am

So I made a new skin.But sadly I have no experience to put it onto the game.I used gimp.And I try to watch a video on youtube on how to make a skin.But all I found was for tyrannosaurus and I wanted to make my own raptor skin.Sadly it didn't work out as I hope.The skin is still pretty great and cool.But I really wish to add to my game.If I could.If you guys can help me with this.I be glade to share my skin raptor with you.^^ as long you give me credits for it
I love to show you pictures of it but sadly I cannot cause the insert picture doesn't work for me ^^"Same with emotions faces.So if you know how to make a skin etc.Please help me out here!^-^ I have great ideas for skin!

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