Triassic Wonders, skin pack

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Triassic Wonders, skin pack

Post  dino578036 on Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:18 pm

Triassic wonders pack is my first skin release! It contains 6 triassic dinosaurs and reptiles, there skins, so they will replace the original skins. This pack will edit the Eng.ini, and the dinoped.ini, and replaces the sounds of some dinosaurs!

(They arent new dinosaurs, they replace the old ones!)

dinosaurs, and there models:

Placerias: Styracosaurus
Plateosaurus: Parasaurolophus
Melanorosaurus: Camarasaurus
Liliensternus: Dilophosaurus
Herrerasaurus: Albertosaurus
Ceolophysis: Gallimimus



Melanorosaurus: (This one looks better in game)

Ceolophysis: (again, looks much better in game!)

Plateosaurus: (My favorite dinosaur, and she does look better in game)

Herresaurus: (better in game, and if his colors don't blend in the tail, well that is supposed to look like that, I tink hes good.)

Link: ?cr6qvddo8a4z7w2

These are just reskins, and will replace your original dinosaurs, It does comes with a Eng.ini, and will replace the names, and what-not Smile

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Re: Triassic Wonders, skin pack

Post  jfgoofy on Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:30 pm

I think Stegosaurus was perfect for Plateosaurus but edit with GIMP to make it look like plateosaurus by changing it to have a slightly extended neck but not to much and remove the spikes and plates and your done.

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