MST Male/Female Corythosaurus

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MST Male/Female Corythosaurus

Post  aristo on Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:52 pm

First of all, i'd like to say thank you so much for Integrity Zero and lexmac0 for his tutorial :thanks: . Now i can have multiple 512x512 px in .TML without losing dead skin
This is the teaser of my project that reskin male/female ( i mean MST) every dinosaurus. This file one will not losing the dead skin itself. The male skin use 512x512 px but the female using 256x256 px Very Happy

Terrain by PMEP and won't in the pack
If you think i kinda lied about dead skin, Here is the proof

Thats a dead cory skin not sleeping cory skin xD

Status : Tested

Download Link : ?ybc86by6klfd2ej

Installation Instructions :
1.Unpack the RAR file
2.Put Data folder into Your JPOG folder

WARNING : May replace your Cory,Styrac and Trex into default skin. Make sure to backup!

DON'T reupload this file or use this file for your series or project!(For Now), You can use if i've done with full pack


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