Tarzan's Pal-ul-don

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Tarzan's Pal-ul-don

Post  Tamara Henson on Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:04 pm

In darkest Africa Tarzan encountered the land of Pal-ul-don where the age of dinosaurs never ended. In this land he discovered the gryph, a descendant of triceratops with bright coloring and carnivorous habits. Today we know that triceratops actually did eat meat on occasion thus showing that sometimes life imitates art.

This download gives the JPOG trike the gryfs brilliant coloring. It also includes an edmontodsaurus skin based on the okapi and a pachycephalosaur skin based on the warthog (thus giving it the quills or bristles on their backs indicated by related families of dinosaurs.)

The dds files are included for MSTs.


How to Intall in the Game(s): Save your original files then unzip the download and place the contents of the Data folder in your JPOG/Data/matlibs folder. When it asks you if you want to overwrite the files say yes.

Download Link(s): mediafire.com ?oacpo4ccdul390d

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