Help for an expansion pack for JPOG

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Help for an expansion pack for JPOG

Post  jfgoofy on Mon Apr 16, 2012 2:30 pm

Hello Everyone if this is the wrong spot please move. Anyway can someone help me make an Expansion Pack called The JPOG Film skin and Mod Expansion Pack? I would love it but as you should know this is meant to not be a copy of JP Legacy's FCM and other mods by other people. Heres the list of Dinosaurs that will be modded into the game: 1. Oviraptor (modded from Gallimimus and Dilophosaurus), 2. Paralititan (modded from Brachiosaurus), 3. Metriacanthosaurus (modded from Allosaurus and Carcarodontosaurus). First dinosaur mod in pack from film, 4 Baryonyx (modded from Spinosaurus and will have a small sail and also from movie), 5. Suchomimus (Also modded from Spinosaurus and mentioned in Jurassic Park 3), 5. Carnotaurus (Modded from Allosaurus and only dinosaur from novel). Now there are multiples of the dinosaurs and Camarasaurus, Dryosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Homalocephale, Torosaurus, Ouranosaurus, and Albertosaurus will not be in the pack but Edmontosaurus appeared in the Lost World Jurassic Park but was a skeleton. It was shown in the T-rex nest with the T-rex baby and it's included and Styracosaurus will be in the pack too.

Finished and not ready skins:

1. T-rex Finished (JP1, JP2, and JP3 + baby)

2. Dilophosaurus Finished (JP1)

3. Brachiosaurus Finished (JP1 and JP3)

4. Mods Reason for help (JP1, JP2, JP3, Novels, and Out of universe)

5. Gallimimus Finished (JP1, and JP2 with same design)

6. Parasaurolophus Finished (JP1, JP2 and JP3. JP1 Parasaur is based on the art in the Vistor Center where the T-rex and Sauropod skeletons were.)

7. Edmontosaurus Scrapped (JP2)

8. Corythosaurus (Carinithosaurus as mentioned in Tembos guide but false name from guide not included Finished (JP2 and JP3)

9. Styracosaurus Finished (Novels)

10. Triceratops Finished(JP1, JP2, and JP3 + baby)

11. Spinosaurus Finished(JP3)

12. Velociraptor Finished (JP1, JP2, and JP3 Male and Female)

13. Stegosaurus Finished (JP2, and JP3 + baby)

14. Pachycephalosaurus Finished (JP2)

15. Ceratosaurus Finished (JP3)

16. Ankylosaurus Finished (JP3)

Planned Team:

1. Jfgoofy (Leader of Pack team)

2. Gopher (Makes Multiples)

3. Raging Raptor (Mod for Pack and Mod leader)

4. thegrimmshow (Mod)


UPDATE: Hello everyone I have bad news the Edmontosaurus is now scrapped because I can't get it into DDS Converter but I have good news all skins are finished but some are inaccurate so I will get a Pro Skinner to help me and my team need to start on the mods. Update ended.

UPDATE: Hi everyone I have bad news for all of you, I can't do the skins and I have FCM 2.0 so skins are canceled but we will do our multiples of the FCM female and male skins because the link does not work so it will be on filebeam. Also we will do mods along with multiples. Update ended

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