Dino problems from editing code

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Dino problems from editing code

Post  Styrey on Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:00 pm

The first problem is that if, for example, I mod the allo, it will not hunt large herbivores.
The second problem is that when you edit a large carnivore's code to have pack behavior, then the dinosaur will always be panicking. i think these problems are related somehow, like if a dino is panicking, it will not stop to eat or drink. How can i fix these problems? (Note: I also edited the raptor's speed and increased the pack number by five, and it also won't hunt large herbivores.)

EDIT: I found a youtube vid on how to make the L carns work together without panicking but they will still won't hunt L herbs. Crying or Very sad PLEASE HALP!

EDIT: Never mind, I found a solution: you turn the aggression up! Very Happy

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