Doom 3 Forums Almost Here!

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Doom 3 Forums Almost Here!

Post  Clonehunter on Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:28 pm

Alright for awhile now I've been working on a big Doom 3 fansite, which should be complete with character bios, monsters, gameplay, and of course, forums.

They are not totally done, and as you can see, it was once a JPOG site. (Gopher, your signed up there because if you don't remeber, well, you signed up before when it was JPOG, justy saying). However, things like ranks are done, and a banner, and some other images. So if anyone would like a quick sneak (My reason for posting this thing), go ahead and click the link above! Sign up if you want, but no ones making you do it. So um, yah...

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